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An ambitious athlete in the process of fully pushing to achieve my dream of becoming a pro track and field athlete. I like to write poetry and read in my spare time to help keep my mind clear.
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Have to use what time you have in order to accomplish what needs to be done. Took to the track today in between class and work to complete my workout. It’s about a 1 hour window to do a real good warm up and¬†still do a workout that¬†is supposed to have¬†a full recovery break in¬†between sets. I didn’t have time for¬†those full breaks but I was determined to get the¬†work done as if I did (hence why I was laid out on the track).¬†2x300 with a 100m walk(65-90 seconds)¬†recovery between reps 4 min. break rest. Getting that endurance up for the open 400! I was down afterwards left it all on the track today and almost wanted to stay there, it was a great practice. One day at a time.

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    This is how I feel after a track practice.
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