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An ambitious athlete in the process of fully pushing to achieve my dream of becoming a pro track and field athlete. I like to write poetry and read in my spare time to help keep my mind clear.
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Good morning, it’s time to break the cycle of not finishing what we start. It’s time to go after our greatness with everything we have in us! Don’t quit, because you are worth staying in the fight for! #DominateOrDie #lifesjourney #dontquit #BeProductiveBeHappyBeGreat

This spoke to me in the midst of everything happening positive and negative. Realizing that it matters and receiving confirmation! #lifesjourney #dontquit #faith #mindset #makeitcount #BeProductiveBeHappyBeGreat #noexcuses

Day 1 was a success at boot camp! Let’s sweat for the cause….#day1 #bootcamp #community #health #awareness #DominateOrDieFitness #DominateOrDie #love #memorialpark #Houston #jokeyfit #noexcuses (at Memorial Park Mountain Bike Trails)

Tomorrow kicks off our sweat for the cause boot camp at 9 a.m.!


Saturday’s in October could change your life and impact a world of others. We are doing a Boot Camp for all fitness levels each Saturday at 9 a.m. & 6 p.m.! All we ask is that you make a donation to the cause whether large or small we accept them all. For every $20 we will donate $15! Come get a great workout, meet some people who have been effected by this disease and also learn how small changes in your life could help lower your risk of getting Breast Cancer. #fitness #BreastCancerAwareness #Houston #DominateOrDie #lifestyle #health #DominateOrDieFitness #jokeyfit

No plyo boxes is fine with me I’ll use the tire instead. #noexcuses #fitness #health #dominateordie #legs #iRun

Big things are happening in October….are you ready for action? Stay tuned for details on what is coming up! #BlackDynastyKingz #BowTiezandPinkTs #ilwbdkzcares #Houston #community #support #announcement (at in the mind of a great)

Sometimes we confuse a test of our faith with fear and then we forfeit without trying. #FearTheForfeit #dominateordie #monday #motivation #beproductivebehappybegreat



That moment

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Small introduction for those who may not know me or of me. I’m a post-collegiate track and field athlete trying to make it onto the pro circuit and eventually an Olympic and World team. I’ve been training around having a new life, becoming a husband, and father all while working 50+ hours at a paying job a week! You may say how is that relevant to to this story? Well for a while I been wondering why after all this time I could never find time to fully pursue this goal/dream. I begin to question whether I could achieve it and started to blame the other things going on in my life as an excuse to why I wasn’t doing anything about it. TIME: it’s an excuse we all use because we don’t seem to have enough of it. MONEY: was never the reason to do it but is needed to reach that level (false). FAITH, DISCIPLINE, HEART: what you need to keep going when you don’t seem to have Time or money and things seem unlikely to unfold like you want.
So back to the spark, I’ve training for almost 10 years now and each time I think I have something has went wrong before they come together. I used to take these negatives as a sign and when a positive arose I wrote it off as just luck. Well the other night at work, this guy was talking about how he could beat anyone there in a foot race…not towards anybody particular but just saying out loud. My inner me giggled and lit up but I didn’t respond. He challenged another guy there but the guy didn’t seem interested, so I just being me said β€œI’ll race if you just want to race.”. We aren’t talking track shoes, great surface and attire. I’m in basketball shoes, dickies shorts and a cotton shirt on concrete (not the best for running) but in my head I was thinking what could it hurt I can beat him. Next thing I know another guy comes and says to me you won’t beat him he’s too quick, I said you must not know I do for a living. He responds yea but he’s used to sprinting,he played baseball so he has the technique and speed, HE WILL BEAT YOU! At this point the quiet laid back side of me was slipping away and this indescribable feeling came over me, I all I could think of was let’s go and I’ll show you and I’ll do it with such certainty that you won’t question it. So we set the markers up and then tunnel vision & silence. It had been so long since I was in a zone like this I had forgotten what it felt like…I had awakened the inner beast who I had come to know as the QuarterHorse. All I can remember was someone saying go and him taking off early, but I didn’t panic I knew he would slow even in a short sprint. So I took off and ran my stages. Rusty as they were it felt like a floodgate had opened and I was free. Needless to say I ran him down and passed him while everyone watched in shock like huh. I’ve always held back when I know I have the upper hand instead of going all in every time. That day I raced myself not him and when I knew I had him beat I didn’t stop or slow down like I normally would, I finished him or as my coach likes to say ‘Close the door on them.’
Since then I can only think to myself, you must go after this wholeheartedly or give up on it! The thought of being the best in the yard isn’t the goal. I want to be the best in the world and I know now that the only way to do so is not to wait until the pieces are falling into place for me but I must put them into place myself. The dream is no longer enough! It’s funny how anything can be used to spark a fire.

Having a little fun while at the gym during my workout. Twist to the tuck jump…#dominateordie #jokeyfit #herbalife #herbalife24 #legday #FearTheForfeit #noexcuses #havefunwithit #fitness #health

Very pleased today after my weight check. In a week I put on right under 3 lbs and 2 of it was muscle and my BF% only raised .4%. I will surely lean out in a few months when I start running more but for now it’s time to put on some muscle and maintain or lower my Body Fat! Currently 186.8 lbs 14.9% BF and 151 lbs muscle. #TransformationInProgress #DominateOrDie #fitness #lifestyle #Hardwork #makeithappen #boutmybusiness (at Gold’s Gym Cypress Landing)